Businesses use the Indix Cloud Catalog to power or curate their product search to offer the optimal search and product identification experience for customers. Using Indix, commerce companies make it easier for their customers to find and buy products, directly impacting their bottom lines.

Indix product information can be easily integrated with commerce platforms to build or improve curated product search or to return instant results using the Indix Product API. Companies also use Indix product information to identify products using partial information, like UPCs or SKUs only.

Curated Product Search

Savvy commerce companies use Indix product information to flesh out their product catalogs and enable advanced, curated search. Taking in large data dumps from Indix Product Feeds allows you to standardize and curate your existing product catalog to enable advanced product search features.

Implementation and Capabilities

  • Use Indix Product Feeds to pull out millions of products from our Cloud Catalog to expand or enrich your product catalog.
  • Use Indix taxonomy, retailer, and brand classifications to build search exactly catered to your customers’ needs.
  • Build your own filters for Amazon-like product browsing.
  • Use Indix data across stores and brands to create your own suggestion filters to shape the search experience.

Best for…

  • Brick-and-mortar retailers that want to put their catalog online and need to build a custom search experience.
  • B2B companies that need to better categorize their inventory to help their customers find products.
  • Marketplaces that need better attributes and pricing benchmarks for their product pages.
  • Retailers that want to build custom filters or suggestions into their product searches.


Keyword Search

The Indix Product API has a number of synchronous search endpoints with which you can integrate directly. By using Indix to power your keyword search, you will decrease your time to market by not building your own product database. At the same time, you will vastly increase your assortment—Indix has more products from more sellers than anyone else.

Implementing Keyword Search

Customers tie their commerce sites or apps directly into the Indix Product API search endpoints. This enables them to:

  • Power Google-style search term suggestions using the Search Suggestions endpoint.
  • Pull a list of products based on a search term using keywords entered as a query to the Summary endpoint.
  • Flesh out the product information on your product page using the Offers Premium endpoint. This information includes the retailer’s product URL to which you can add your affiliate tag.


SnipSnap Case Study


We saved a great deal of time and money by going with Indix rather than building our own product database.”

Ted Mann, Founder & CEO. SnipSnap


Identify Products

Do you have incomplete product information and need to identify a product for which you only have a UPC or SKU? We allow you to programmatically identify products and retrieve rich product and pricing information rather than having to hire people who turn to search engines to handle it. Because we have more products than anyone outside of Google, we make it much easier and faster to find the information you need.

Implementation and Capabilities

Customers from many different industries turn to Indix to help them identify products for a variety of uses, including:

  • Completing RFPs that include only product titles in order to identify exact models and brands.
  • Selling overstock from other retailers that submit lists of UPCs or SKUs, and using the Indix Product API to discover titles and market rates.
  • Companies who sell via other outlets (e.g., Amazon) or who do ads (e.g., Google Product Listing Ads) that require data in feeds turn to Indix to ensure that they have complete data to submit.



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