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Better Product Search & Identification

Identify Products. Power Your Search. Create Custom Searches.

Enhance Product Discoverability

If you only have partial product information, you may not be able to identify and surface the products that shoppers are looking for.

Enter Indix. We collect, structure, and refine product data so that you can get a more complete product record. Using this product data, you can verify a product’s identity and enable curated and keyword searches. Make it easy for your customers to find your products and buy the things they actually want.

SnipSnap Case Study


We saved a great deal of time and money by going with Indix rather than building our own product database.”

Ted Mann, Founder & CEO. SnipSnap


Identify Products

Product Identity Verified. In the world of overstock, marketplaces, and RFPs it’s common to get only a product title, SKU, or UPC and then still need to identify the correct product. Why waste your time and money Googling the product, digging through poor product data, or trying to complete the product record in order to make the right business decision or fulfill the order? Indix has a solution. We programmatically identify products and structure rich product information so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Powered Keyword Searches

Want Amazon’s keyword-based search suggestion feature? You can use the Indix Product API to pull and return a list of products based on a search term. There’s no need to build your own search index or figure out ranking and relevance. Using Indix to power your product search drastically decreases your time to market while simultaneously increasing your engagement rates and revenue numbers.

Curated Product Search

Custom Search Experience. When you standardize and curate your product catalog, you can enable advanced product search features such as custom filters that will best suit your unique audience. Not only does this improve your customer experience and increase your brand loyalty, it also makes your products easier to find and buy, boosting your bottom-line. If you need the product taxonomy, retailer, and brand classifications to build your curated product search, Indix can help.


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