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Solution: Retail Alternative Data

Retail Alternative Data

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Historical Online Price & Availability Index

Retail alternative data, including price trends, product availability, reviews, ratings, as well as discount timing and patterns, have already proven to be valuable in alpha generation. Whether you’re aggregating data for sell-side research projects or for validating and deploying algorithmic trading models, you need access to a normalized and structured dataset that has a deep history, store and brand breadth and category depth. If your organization is trying to address these data needs by building and maintaining an infrastructure necessary to collect, structure and egress this data, you are aware of the complexities, costs, and distractions involved.

Indix can help.

The Indix Products Platform gives you self-service turn-key access to the world’s largest online index of retail alternative data. Our database includes information on:

  • 62,000 Brands
  • 7,500 Product Categories
  • 3000+  Online Stores
  • 120 billion historical price points
  • 1B+ unique products

Continous Data Acquisition Engine

If historical data is just the start and you also need to maintain a continuous stream of pricing data from specific online sources, we have a solution for you. We are the product data collection and structuring experts and can lease capacity on our data acquisition engine to you. You control the products to be updated and simply submit a daily list which is crawled, structured and provided back to you via an API response or a feed.

Easy Access, Flexible Output Options

With the Indix Products Platform, accessing data is simple and customizable. Use our highly flexible, self-service, browser-based interface to create data pipelines against custom data requirements and choose to run them according to the frequency, output format and output location of your choice. Save hours, days and weeks of waiting for data and dive into analyzing data in minutes. Our platform supports:

  • Customizable data queries
  • Customizable transformations
  • Multiple output formats (CSV, TSV, JSON, XML)
  • Multiple output locations (S3, FTP, Google Sheets)
  • Scheduling features for recurring pipelines

If you would like to learn more or see samples of our data, please request a demo.