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Easily Identify Products

Programmatically identify products and retrieve rich product information and pricing data.

Identify Unknown Inventory

If you run an overstock site, do you always know whether you should move forward with inventory? Sometimes the data other retailers provide can be somewhat mysterious. By using the Advanced Search Endpoint to pinpoint what the inventory actually is and looking at the most recent pricing provided, you can quickly calculate your margins and decide whether to pick the inventory up. The pricing data will help you figure out how to set your price in order to beat potential competitors as well.


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Create Value for Your Users

Do you know whether you’re offering your users the best option? If you’re operating a deals or redemption site, you need to be up-to-date on market pricing in order to make sure you’re doing just that. If you turn to Indix Data-as-a-Service, you can easily identify products, find over 35 billion price points, and present the freshest pricing data to your users. If they believe they’re getting a good deal, they’ll find far more value in what you provide.


Win Business

The RFP process can be arduous, especially if there are a lot of different products your proposal needs to include. To top that off, RFPs themselves can be extremely unclear as to exactly what your prospect is looking for. You can turn to Indix for help. By submitting incomplete data to the Advanced Search Endpoint of the Indix Product API, you can get weighted matches that best fit what your prospect might be looking for. This method saves hours over Googling to identify products and will help you win business at a lower cost.

Need to Identify Products?

If you need to identify unknown inventory, create value in your user base, or win business by identifying products and getting more information about them, we can help. During your demo, you’ll see how to:

  • Find and match products for which you have incomplete data
  • Quickly get the product information you need to make strategic decisions
  • Build more complete product descriptions

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