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Get high-quality custom product descriptions delivered at a fraction of the cost of hand-curated content. Improve product discoverability and conversion rates with Indix Product Descriptions – all without a team of product description writers.


Why Custom Descriptions?

Enhancing your product detail pages with SEO-optimized, unique, informative content can:

  • Increase conversion rates 30% or more
  • Drive down returns when your customers buy the correct items the first time
  • Help SEO so you stop coming up empty on the long-tail
  • Improve product discoverability
  • Remove your need for an army of writers and researchers


Example Descriptions

The example below was generated using Indix Standardized Attributes and the natural language generation (NLG) technology of our partner, Narrative Science.

Elmer’s Glue-All

“It’s always good to have glue around when things get broken, and this 4-oz liquid white glue from Elmer’s is sure to do the trick. This white glue dries clear, so you don’t have to worry. It is a versatile adhesive working with cardboard, cloth, leather, papers, and wood. This glue is recommended to use for school projects, crafts, and household repairs. It is tear-resistant, showing what a strong product this is. Elmer’s glue is also ACMI AP non-toxic certified and can be used by all ages. This liquid glue has a 30-day warranty.”



How Indix Does Descriptions

Indix Product Descriptions are unique descriptions produced by the cutting-edge natural language generation (NLG) technology of our partner, Narrative Science. We provide product data with Indix Standardized Attributes, and Narrative Science uses that product information to produce custom, unique product descriptions in your brand voice. For standardized products, we produce 1 million product descriptions in just 8 weeks for Enterprise customers.