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Solution: Product Assortment


Carry the Right Products. Get Them to Market Faster. Keep Customers Coming Back.


Do You Know How to Compete?

With Amazon’s seemingly endless product selection, companies like yours are feeling the pressure to increase their product assortment. But how? You need a strategy.

Enter Indix. With our organized and structured product data, you can find your competitors’ gaps and fill them fast. The result? Customers who keep coming back to you.

Find and Fill Competitors’ Gaps

Use competitor weaknesses. To win the assortment game, find areas where your competitors have weak offerings and expertly fill those category and brand gaps. Indix data allows you to stop guessing about competitor category offering weaknesses and gives you the focus you need to leapfrog the competition.

Onboard New Products Faster

Save time. Even after you know what products you’re going to incorporate into your assortment, you still need complete information on your product pages, often gathered manually. Indix has the AI-generated data you need to complete these pages programmatically, allowing you to get to market quickly and cheaply.

Become Your Customers’ Favorite Shopping Destination

Keep customers coming back. When you make it easy for customers to shop with you by giving them the right products at the right time, they won’t turn to the competition. Indix provides the data you need to easily identify and organize those products, making product recommendation engines and nurturing campaigns much stronger. Let Indix help.