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Businesses use Indix Data-as-a-Service in a variety of innovative ways.



Our customers never cease to impress and surprise us. We know we’ve made our data and access to it incredibly flexible so that customers could do whatever they wanted with it, but we haven’t always expected their creativity. Even better is the way they’ve grown their businesses on top of the Indix Product Information Marketplace.


SnipSnap Doubles Repeat Usage with Indix Product Information

Learn about the power of comprehensive product information in consumers’ hands by seeing how SnipSnap doubled repeat usage through a brilliant DaaS-powered price matching feature.

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Revolabs Reinvents Audio Go-to-Market with Indix

When Revolabs needed to compete in the noisy space of audio solutions and address a new audience, they turned to Indix for help implementing a Buy Now button.

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TrendBrew Accelerates Time to Market and Scales to 4,000+ Retailers

When TrendBrew decided to embark on a journey to create “A Social Trending Network” for ecommerce, food, sports, media and entertainment, they had a decision to make. Would they build their product data and checkout infrastructure themselves, or would they partner with other companies to do it?

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Top Retailer Drives 3x Traffic from Plugin Powered by Indix Product Information

A Top 50 retailer had a great idea, and they needed a hand to make it happen. One of their primary value propositions is having lower prices than their competitors. They had great conversion rates once they got visitors to their site, but they knew that their customers also bought products at many other places online—products that the customers might not even know that the retailer sold. After piloting an internally-built solution, this retailer turns to Indix and triples the match rate and traffic from its new browser plugin.

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Join Our Innovators

Do you have needs like TrendBrew or SnipSnap? If you’re looking for specific product information or have a business problem where you need to find or match products using limited details, we can help. An Indix product specialist will be happy to give you a demo and show you:

  • The depth of product information in the Indix marketplace
  • How applications can quickly power search with the Indix Product API
  • How to make smart pricing and assortment decisions using Indix Data-as-a-Service

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The Internet of Things isn’t just changing how you set the temperature of your homes or whether you have to pay attention to ordering dishwasher detergent—it’s revolutionizing the way we market and sell products.


Get Prepared for the Internet of Things

With the IoT, devices will start buying products outside of those specified by humans. It’s important to understand how they might make those decisions and what you need to do prepare for this change.  Our white paper will address:

  • The three ways IoT will change how consumers shop
  • Why product information will be vital to ecommerce
  • How IoT readiness also helps when marketing to consumers

If your business is to remain viable in the IoT economy, the marketing of your products must change.  Download this white paper and be sure you’re ready!


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