Having a better product catalog means that your customers can find and buy products more easily. Better search and increased conversion will directly impact your bottom line.

Use the Indix Cloud Catalog to boost the size of your own product catalog or improve the quality of individual product records — or do both.

Custom Product Descriptions at Scale

To improve product discoverability, SEO, and conversions, companies need custom product descriptions. Unfortunately, they hit barriers when it comes to the amount of time and money associated with a team building out millions of unique product descriptions by hand. Indix Product Descriptions remove these obstacles. Using natural language generation (NLG) technology and Indix Standardized Attributes, we produce custom product descriptions in your brand voice – up to 1 million in just 8 weeks.

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Enrich Your Catalog

Improve your bottom line by using Indix product information to enrich your product catalog. You can increase conversion by pulling attributes into your catalog to create a richer product record. You can also increase your efficiency by using Indix to classify your products and by creating custom feeds to get data in the format you need.

Implementation and Capabilities

  • Use custom feeds to pull in Indix Cloud Catalog data to blend with in-house data in the format, structure, and schedule you need.
  • Implement custom standardized attributes in your catalog with help from Indix Partners.
  • Save hours of manual work by easily classifying products using the Indix taxonomy, which features 23 top-level categories and 7,000+ sub-categories.
  • Provide brand, category, and store categorization to give your customers good places to start.

Best for…

  • Retailers that are tired of using armies of people to take in and standardize brand feeds.
  • Companies employing too many people to search the web or physically measure products in order to flesh out product attributes.
  • Online retailers with incomplete product information on their product detail pages who want to increase conversion rates.
  • Online retailers that need better attributes to make their product pages easier to find.


Expand Your Catalog

Commerce companies use Indix product information to grow their product catalog and enable advanced, curated product search. Taking in large amounts of data from Indix Product Feeds enables companies like yours to add to their existing product catalog and enable advanced search features.

Implementation and Capabilities

  • Use custom data output from Indix Product Feeds in order to import products by the millions, add more items to your curated search, and give your customers a better selection.
  • Use Indix catalog data to build your own set of filters based on color, size, brand, and other features in order to build Amazon-like product browsing.
  • Customize whatever search experience you want your user to have by curating the stores, brands, filters, and suggestions customers see.

Best for…

  • Retailers that want to make it easier for their customers to find and buy products.
  • Brick-and-mortar stores that want to put their inventory online more easily.
  • Comparison shopping engines that need to grow their product catalogs. Indix provides complete product records, including pricing, store and brand information, built-in taxonomy, and rich attributes.