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Increase Product Discovery. Create a Better Customer Experience. Get More Revenue.


Why Enhance Your Product Page?

You can’t just throw a product onto a page and expect it to sell. There’s too much competition: customers won’t find your pages or buy your products if the experience isn’t better than your competitors’. The result? A revenue hit.

Use Indix to enhance your product page with standardized product data and unique descriptions. You’ll help customers find your products, lengthen their time on site, increase purchases, and decrease returns.

Help Customers Find Your Products 

Stop struggling with SEO. With the right product information on the right parts of the page, you’re more likely to show up in search results for relevant queries – especially long-tail searches. Indix offers complete, standardized product data and the AI-generated product descriptions needed to build out SEO-friendly, reliable product pages.

Increase Conversions and Time on Site

Keep your customers engaged. With faceted online product searches, appropriately categorized products, and accurate recommendation engines, your customers can more easily find and buy the products they want. Indix has the structured product data that will help you build an on-site experience that keeps your customers coming back and buying more.

Increase Purchases & Decrease Returns

Meet customer expectations. Product pages with inaccurate or misleading data mean an above-average return rate. By including complete, standardized product attributes, you’ll help your customers understand exactly what they’re buying, which decreases your returns and increases your revenue. Let Indix help.