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Pricing and Assortment Analytics


Analyze the Competition

Use Indix Data-as-a-Service to view your entire product mix in the competitive landscape. You can pinpoint where you’re losing to competitors from price and assortment perspectives. You can slice and dice by category to figure out where you’re the most and least competitive. When you mix Indix Data-as-a-Service with your private information, you can put a margin and volume layer on top of the competitive landscape that will allow you to make the best decisions for your product mix.


Historical Analysis

Have you ever wondered about your historic position in the competitive landscape? Do you know how you’ve historically stacked up to your competition at the SKU level? How do your competitors treat seasonal demand or new product launches? Indix Data-as-a-Service provides up to three years of pricing and data history across millions of products. Use this historic product information to truly understand the historical competitive landscape.


Dive Deep

The Indix Product Information Marketplace has more product information than any other product data company, granting you a much deeper level of insight and analysis. By ingesting Indix Data-as-a-Service into your analytics systems, you’ll gain actionable insights, identify gaps in your assortment versus your competition, identify performing categories and their key value items, and combine world-class product data with your private data for personalized insights.


See Better Analytics in Action

More data means more insight. If you know how you’re performing versus the competitive landscape, you’ll make better decisions and reap more profit. During your demo, you’ll see how to:

  • Get product specific pricing, assortment, historical, and availability data
  • Compare products and pricing across brands, categories, and stores
  • Ingest Indix product information into your analytics systems to complete the picture
  • Understand your market performance

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