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Are You Letting the Competition Win?

The key to trouncing your competition? Having the right information. You need to know what they’re selling, to whom they’re selling it, and how you compare. And not just at the brand or category levels but at the product level, too.

Enter Indix. We provide reliable product data so that you can combine your data, integrate historic pricing information, and then slice and dice it all for the most actionable insights.

Insight from Multiple Sources

Use the Most Valuable Sources. In order to get the level of insight you need, you‘ll likely need to blend data from several different sources. But how do you connect the pieces? That’s where Indix data comes into play. When you use our five+ years of pricing and data history across million of products, you can match products against datasets and get more attribute and category information. The result? Better data analysis and business decisions.

Pricing and Assortment Analytics

Better Product & Pricing Insights. When you know your top performing categories and gaps in your assortment versus your competition, you’ve got the actionable data you need to win. You need the right product data to get those insights, though, and you can get that through Indix. With over 7,000 categories and 50,000 brands, you’ll have all of the information you need to beat the competition.


Sales & Marketing Intelligence by Category

Within the Indix Product Platform, there is incredible depth of product, brand, and seller information. Download the Category Reports below to see the level of insights available when you tap into the world’s largest collection of structured product information. Check out the deep product information you can get for your business.


Amazon Top Seller Report30 Percent For The Rest Of Us: Maximize Discovery in the Age of Amazon


Shoes Category ReportTake a look at shoes through the lens of gender


Digital Camera Category ReportDigital camera and lense pricing and brand data

SEE ALL Category Reports

Hardware Category ReportData on the three largest segments in the hardware industry


Apple Data ReportiPhone, iPad, and Mac trends done with partner, Graphiq


TV Category ReportData on TV technology, features, and screen size


Activewear Category ReportData on active tops, bottoms, and jackets


Shaving Category ReportData on shaving creams, aftershaves, and razors


Sun Care Category ReportData and trends around sunscreens


Facial Skin Care Category ReportData on cleansers, moisturizers, and toners