Pull rich product data for your analyses from over 1.2 billion product offers and over 35 billion historic price points via the Indix Product API or Product Feeds.

Indix product information contains deep product-level insight across brands, categories, and stores. Combine it with other data, slice and dice it, and even integrate historic pricing information into your insights.

Deep Product Insights

Resolve your blind spots and derive insights that impact your bottom line by using product data from the Indix Cloud Catalog in your analytics systems. Businesses like yours use Indix product information for analytics primarily in two ways:

  • Combine Indix product information with in-house or other data to form a rich analytics tapestry woven from all of the blended data.
  • Integrate Indix product information into their own systems for pricing and assortment analytics or minimum advertised price (MAP) enforcement.

Blended Data

Blending Indix product information with your own data or other data sources allows you to match products against datasets and get more attribute and category information. This blending allows you to tell a better story to your end users or clients. With the largest programmatically accessible product information database, Indix can supply the product data you need to paint better commerce pictures and offer deeper insights.

Indix Capabilities for Blended Data

  • Indix Data-as-a-Service provides up to five years of pricing and data history across millions of products. Use this information to truly understand the historical competitive landscape.
  • Increase the efficiency of delivering brand and category level data to your clients. By augmenting your insights and sentiment analysis at product and brand levels, you can look even more magical to them.

Best for…

  • Retailers that need to blend competitive pricing and assortment data with internal data to build a complete analytical picture.
  • Market research companies that want to provide richer insights to their clients by blending price history, product categories, brand, retailers, and product attributes with their custom analyses.


Sales & Marketing Intelligence by Category

Within the Indix Cloud Catalog, there is incredible depth of product, brand, and seller information. Download the Category Reports below to see the level of insights available when you tap into the world’s largest collection of structured product information. Check out the deep product information you can get for your business.


Digital Camera Category ReportDigital camera and lense pricing and brand data


Hardware Category ReportData on the three largest segments in the hardware industry


Apple Data ReportiPhone, iPad, and Mac trends done with partner, Graphiq

SEE ALL Category Reports

TV Category ReportData on TV technology, features, and screen size


Activewear Category ReportData on active tops, bottoms, and jackets


Shaving Category ReportData on shaving creams, aftershaves, and razors


Sun Care Category ReportData and trends around sunscreens


Facial Skin Care Category ReportData on cleansers, moisturizers, and toners


Pricing and Assortment Analytics

The Indix Cloud Catalog has more product information than any other product data company, granting you a much deeper level of insight and analysis. By ingesting Indix Data-as-a-Service into your analytics systems, you’ll gain actionable insights, identify gaps in your assortment versus your competition, identify top-performing categories and their key value items, and combine world-class product data with your private data for personalized insights. You can slice and dice data across more than 7,000 sub-categories or nearly 50,000 brands.



Implementation and Capabilities

Tie your analytics applications directly into the Indix Product API or receive large amounts of data via Indix Product Feeds. This data enables you to:

  • View your product mix in the competitive landscape. You can pinpoint where you’re losing to competitors, from price and assortment perspectives.
  • Monitor MAP violations by using Indix product information to track prices across more than 1,600 retail websites.
  • Get price history for up to five years.
  • Use the Freshness Endpoint for scheduled price and product data crawls.

Best for…

  • Retail and ecommerce companies that need to run pricing and assortment analytics.
  • Fintech companies that need to do buy/sell research on brands based on assortment, retail presence, and historic pricing data.
  • Brands that want to monitor MAP violations across all major US retail sites.
  • Market research companies that want to add pricing insights to the analysis they provide for their clients.
  • Financial research firms that need to add historic pricing data to their reports.