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Solution: Ad Targeting


Better Targeting. Better Content. Better Response Rates.


Could Your Ads Perform Better?

You provide your customers with the best audiences possible, but could you do more? What if you could add dimensions like preferred brands and categories to your targeting? Or if you could ensure you’re advertising products with the right features based on the search signal you’re getting?

With standardized product data, you can move beyond today’s behavior and demographics data to get more clicks and conversions, which means better bottom lines for you and your clients.

Move Beyond Behavior and Demographics

New customer audiences and better targeting. You already have behavior and demographic information, but you get a whole new level of insight when you add Indix standardized brand and category information. You will be able to build audiences to include preferred brands, categories, and product attributes – a new way of reaching consumers with the products and brands they already love.

Get the Right Content to the Right People

Stand out from other platforms. Customers prefer targeted ads, which you can create based on audience profiles and standardized attributes. Base your content-generation and targeting algorithms on standardized product attributes from matched Indix products to create the best ads in the market.

Get More Clicks and Conversions

Better engagement and response rates. When you show relevant ads to a more targeted audience, you get better performance. In fact, it’s been shown that advertisers can boost mobile ad engagement by 50X with better targeting, including third-party data. Let Indix help.