With Indix Product Information, you have endless innovation possibilities. Easily pull product data from the Indix Cloud Catalog into existing systems and applications or build brand new commerce-enabling applications right on top of the API.


Get Ecommerce Product Descriptions

While unique product descriptions increase conversions, improve SEO, and decrease product returns, many companies don’t implement them due to time and money constraints. Indix Product Descriptions remove the time and money barriers. Using natural language generation (NLG), we can produce as many as 1 million product descriptions in 8 weeks – all in your unique brand voice.

Increase Conversions with Less Work



Make Your Catalog Bigger & Better

Do you need to get more traffic to your products or increase your conversion rate? Use the Indix Cloud Catalog to get the products and attributes you need to take your own product catalog to the next level. Pull in data for millions of products to make your catalog work for you and directly impact your bottom line.

Kill the Competition with a Better Catalog



Improve Search & Discovery

Power your in-app product search by building directly on top of the Indix Product API, or put an end to using armies of people to identify products with the Indix Cloud Catalog. With access to the largest amount of product information available, you can gain significant efficiency over using people to Google for products or crawling websites to create your own database.

Find & Identify Products in Apps & Systems



Surface Insights With Analytics

Never feel like you lack product data or insights again by using Indix Data-as-a-Service. You can use Indix product information to view competitive insights, give your customers additional dimensions on top of your current analytics offerings, or do product data analytics to evaluate investment decisions. Access to the world’s largest collection of structured product information will enable you to do things with data that you’ve only dreamed about before.

Get Actionable Ecommerce Business Insights



Your Product Data Solution

From catalog expansion to product identification and analytics, we can help solve your product information related business problem. An Indix product specialist will be happy to give you a demo and show you:

  • The depth of product information in the Indix Cloud Catalog
  • How applications can quickly connect to the Indix Product API 
  • How Indix Product Feeds can deliver large amounts of rich product information
  • Ways to increase conversion rates, reduce inefficiencies & get better business insights




The Internet of Things isn’t just changing how you set the temperature of your homes or whether you have to pay attention to ordering dishwasher detergent—it’s revolutionizing the way we market and sell products.


Get Prepared for the Internet of Things

With the IoT, devices will start buying products outside of those specified by humans. It’s important to understand how they might make those decisions and what you need to do prepare for this change.  Our white paper addresses:

  • The three ways IoT will change how consumers shop
  • Why product information will be vital to ecommerce
  • How IoT readiness also helps when marketing to consumers

For your business to remain viable in the IoT economy, the marketing of your products must change.  Download this white paper and be sure you’re ready!