Indix Teams up with Prosperent

Indix Teams up with Prosperent to Deliver Product-Specific Content Marketing

Indix Teams up with Prosperent to Deliver
Product-Specific Content Marketing

Partnership boosts revenue for both retailers and content producers

SEATTLE — March 17, 2015 Indix, the cloud-based Product Intelligence company that provides analytics and insights for brands, retailers and developers, today announced a new partnership with Prosperent, the service that pairs consumer products with relevant content across the Web. Prosperent will use Indix machine learning services to help organize, categorize and streamline up to 50 million products a day from the company’s 4,800 merchant partners.

Prosperent helps content creators – from bloggers to mobile app developers – earn money by tying relevant products to their content. It can take a customer’s blog post about Nike shoes and pair it perfectly with an ad for those exact shoes, sold by partner retailers such as Walmart, Zappos, Nordstrom and Overstock. And clicks on that product that convert to a purchase earn the content publisher commissions of up to 80 percent. Prosperent’s retail partners get the only thing that matters: the sale.

One of Prosperent’s business challenges is efficiently managing and streamlining the massive amount of product information they get from retailers and brands. Taking more than 50 million products and having a way to match them consistently requires Product Data Science expertise. Enter Indix with state of the art data science algorithms to help structure, organize and compare hundreds of thousands of products to determine which is the right fit for each piece of content.

“We started Indix to help innovative companies like Prosperent enable a new wave of pervasive commerce – where websites and apps are product-aware,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, founder and CEO of Indix. “Using the Indix product data science and machine learning algorithms, Prosperent’s solution can make sure a publisher’s content is perfectly matched with the best products and merchant offers. It’s a huge step forward for publishers, merchants and the consumer.”

Prosperent integrates seamlessly into existing sites and apps, making its tools ideal for the content generators of the Web. Prosperent converts direct-to-merchant links into links that earn revenue.

“Working with Indix dramatically improves the quality of our product search engine across the 50 million products in our tool set,” explained Prosperent President Mike Christensen. “The big data and machine learning solution that Indix provides to improve data quality, price points and categorizations significantly advances our product and improves revenue for our publishers and conversions for the merchants we work with.”

About Prosperent

Prosperent is both a product and a service designed to help publishers make more money on their traffic. With dynamic ads, an API for advanced developers, consumer trend data, CMS plugins for WordPress, vBulletin and more, publishers can worry less about how to monetize their content and focus on creating content.

About Indix

Indix provides the largest single source of aggregated product information that innovative companies use to create new commerce models and offer their customers new ways to find and buy products. Using the Indix Product API, businesses can improve product search and discovery, optimize promotions and offers, enrich product catalog attributes, and analyze the market and competitors. Indix currently tracks more than 800 million products across more than 7,000 categories. The company now has offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Chennai. For more information, please visit

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