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Indix Launches Self-Serve Access to Product API

Indix Launches Self-Serve Access to Product API

Developers get immediate access to the Indix Product Intelligence Platform to strengthen existing commerce solutions and online shopping experiences

SEATTLE — November 3, 2015 — Indix, the cloud-based Product Intelligence company that provides analytics and insights for brands, retailers and commerce enablers, today announced that the Indix Product API is now available through a self-serve portal and includes a free trial option. For the first time, developers can obtain an Indix API key through a simple online sign-up process, immediately gaining access to the world’s largest product database. As a result, developers can find products using a variety of search options; compare the assortment, availability and promotions of products across channels; and improve the overall quality of their product information.

The Indix Product API provides RESTful, programmatic access to product information such as list price, sale price, availability, store and a variety of product attributes on more than 800 million products. It easily integrates with ecommerce platforms, analytics tools and product information management systems to strengthen a business’ product offering across any channel.

“Web-based commerce sites have created an unprecedented wealth of publicly available product data. Accessing and gleaning intelligence from this unstructured data is changing the way people buy and sell goods and services,” said Lyndsay Wise, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. “Indix is easing the barriers to achieving this level of Product Intelligence with its self-serve API by enabling companies of all sizes to build applications that anticipate, guide, and help consumers and organizations decide what to buy and sell.”

The importance of rich, structured product information can be the difference between winning and losing a customer in today’s hyper-personalized world. More than ever before, customers expect to find the product they are looking for on the first page of search results and they demand the ability to filter down results on a site or application using searchable facets. By putting Product Intelligence in the hands of developers, the self-serve Indix Product API makes it easier than ever to create applications and websites that are more Product-Aware and consumer-friendly.

“The success of retailers and brands today depends not only on their ability to sell merchandise, but also on their ability to surface it to the right customers at the right time,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, founder and CEO of Indix. “At Indix, we’ve gathered, structured, analyzed and developed insights from the information of more than 800 million products, and we are now sharing that data with any organization looking to become more Product-Aware. With the release of a self-serve portal for our Product API, we’re one step closer to our goal of creating a truly transparent marketplace for product data.”

“The Indix Product API is powerful, easy to use, and provides us with access to comprehensive price, competitive, market and channel intelligence,” said Nick Reef, Business Program Manager, Microsoft. “We’ve been an API customer with Indix since the start. This new self-serve access will enable others to reap the benefits we’ve enjoyed from the powerful Indix platform.”

The Indix Product API includes four plans for greater flexibility and choice:

  • Starter: Great for developers with variable monthly product data needs. Usage is charged at $0.35 per 100 credits and is based on data consumption and type.
  • Standard: Developers purchase a monthly allocation of 200,000 credits for $495 giving them access up to 100,000 product responses. Any overage is billed at $0.25 per 100 credits.
  • Professional: Developers requiring higher product volume and faster access rates purchase 900,000 credits for $1979 giving them access up to 450,000 product responses. Any overage is billed at $0.22 per 100 credits.
  • Enterprise: Designed for the most demanding of developers, the Enterprise plan requires an annual contract and includes access to the On Demand API endpoint as well as the ability to add custom site addition requests, additional geography requests, and live support packages.

More on the Indix Product API plans can be found at:

Indix also offers a free trial with 200,000 free credits. Developers can start coding to the Indix Product API immediately without using a credit card to sign up. The free trial expires after 30 days or after using all 200,000 free credits, whichever comes first. It also comes with email support and full access to the Indix database.

“Before we started working with Indix, a huge challenge for us was structuring the massive amount of product information we receive from merchant partners,” said Mike Christensen, president, Prosperent, the service that pairs consumer products with relevant content across the Web. “The Indix Product API gave us access to state-of-the-art data science and machine learning algorithms that improved classifications of all products in the system with surprising and exciting accuracy. Our customers can now search for products in our catalog by accurate categories and ensure the products they want to promote fit the genre they expect.”

About Indix

Indix is building the world’s largest product database and a Product Intelligence platform that helps businesses boost productivity, drive innovation, and accelerate growth. Using the Indix Product API, businesses can improve product search and discovery, optimize promotions and offers, enrich product catalog attributes, and analyze the market and competitors. Indix also provides machine learning services using proprietary data science algorithms. Indix currently tracks more than 800 million products across more than 7,000 categories. The company now has offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Chennai. For more information, please visit

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