Indix Gives Customers Control with Freshness API Endpoint

Indix Gives Customers Control with Freshness API Endpoint

Indix improves Enterprise Product API plans with the introduction of a Freshness API endpoint.

SEATTLE — August 16, 2016 Indix, the product information company that provides structured product data for brands, retailers, and commerce enablers via Data-as-a-Service, today announced immediate availability of the Freshness endpoint in the Indix Product API. Indix enterprise customers can now take advantage of this service to layer fresh pricing data on top of the cleaned and structured product information that they already use in their apps, products, and platforms.

The Freshness endpoint allows Indix customers to request fresh data (within 24 hours of the request) for products with Indix Product IDs and get the data before anyone else can see it in the Product API. This is a premium add-on enhancement to Indix product information that customers will use for a selected set of products.

“The Indix Product API Freshness endpoint is a premium feature that is perfect for customers who already use Indix Data-as-a-Service and need to control offers data and price freshness for targeted products,” said Sridhar Venkatesh, cofounder and VP of product management and business development. “Any customer who is interested in fresh data, needs to monitor prices and availability, or wants to monitor MAP violations can take advantage of this endpoint.”

The Freshness endpoint allows customers to submit a set of products and will return the freshest price from the Indix Product Information Marketplace. If the freshest price is more than 24 hours old, Indix will go crawl the product and return the new price.

Customers can submit selected products for fresh prices each day. Indix will return data for the largest jobs within 24 hours of submission, and will return results for smaller jobs faster. The number of products that an enterprise customer is allowed to submit per day depends on the target site’s size and capacity, where sites like Walmart have much higher allowances than smaller sites.

The Freshness endpoint is only available via an enterprise plan for the Indix Product API.

About Indix

Indix is building the world’s first Product Information Marketplace. Through a combination of the web and partners, Indix collects offers data such as price, availability, and seller information in addition to catalog data like code-based identifiers and attributes to create the world’s single largest source of structured product information. Indix uses machine learning to cleanse, structure, and refine the data, then makes it available through a Data-as-a-Service subscription. By connecting to the Indix Product API and Product Feeds, businesses and developers harness the power of product information to make better decisions, drive innovation, and create new models of commerce.

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