Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Indix

Software Engineer, Machine Learning

Build a Product Information Marketplace with information about every product in the world

Software Engineer – ML at Indix provides an opportunity to design and build systems that crunch large amounts of data everyday

What We’re Looking For

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Ability to propose hypothesis and design experiments in the context of specific problems.
  • Should come from a strong engineering background
  • Good overlap with Indix Data tech stack such as Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Spark, Scalding, Scala/Python/C++
  • Dedication and diligence in understanding the application domain, collecting/cleaning data and conducting experiments.
  • Creativity in model and algorithm development.
  • An obsession to develop algorithms/models that directly impact business.
  • Master’s/Phd. in Computer Science/Statistics is a plus

Job Expectations

  •  Experience working in text mining and python libraries like scikit-learn, numpy, etc
  • Collect relevant data from production systems/Use crawling and parsing infrastructure to put together data sets.
  • Survey academic literature and identify potential approaches for exploration.
  • Craft, conduct and analyze experiments to evaluate models/algorithms.
  • Communicate findings and take algorithms/models to production with end to end ownership.

“Data science is the art of uncovering the stories told by data and the craft of engineering algorithms into data products. This involves a lot of grappling with uncertainty and following data down a proverbial rabbit hole and returning with actionable insights that can be engineered into a solution. Curiosity and creative problem solving are key skills.”

Anirudh Venkatraman, Product Manager


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