Principal Engineer, Machine Learning - Indix

Principal Engineer, Machine Learning

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Principal Engineer – ML at Indix provides technical thought leadership on hard, business impacting problems. This role involves shaping the engineering/architecture vision from the standpoint of delivering data science solutions. As a subject matter expert, the incumbent is also responsible for mentoring data scientists and Software Engineers in the team.

What We’re Looking For

  • Mathematical maturity to critically analyze academic literature from venues such as KDD, ICDM, SDM, ICML and NIP
  • Ability to propose hypothesis and design experiments in the context of specific problems.
  • Should come from a strong engineering background
  • Good overlap with Indix Data tech stack such as Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Spark, Scalding, Scala/Python/C++
  • A scientific temperament that seeks to rigorously validate hypothesis/ideas.
  • Ability and preference to work in a group rather than individually.
  • Good at explaining/communicating complex ideas/concepts both verbal and written.
  • Dedication and diligence in understanding the application domain, collecting/cleaning data and conducting experiments.
  • Creativity in model and algorithm development.
  • An obsession to develop algorithms/models that directly impact business.
  • Master’s/Phd. in Computer Science/Statistics is a plus.

Job Expectations

  •  Understand business needs and formulate formal problem definitions (with corresponding metrics).
  • Collect relevant data from production systems/Use crawling and parsing infrastructure to put together data sets.
  • Survey academic literature and identify potential approaches for exploration.
  • Craft, conduct and analyze experiments to evaluate models/algorithms.
  • Communicate findings and take algorithms/models to production.

“Data science is the art of uncovering the stories told by data and the craft of engineering algorithms into data products. This involves a lot of grappling with uncertainty and following data down a proverbial rabbit hole and returning with actionable insights that can be engineered into a solution. Curiosity and creative problem solving are key skills.”

Anirudh Venkatraman, Product Manager


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