DevOps - Indix


Run mission-critical production systems in varied deployment environments

Ongoing Projects

Managing Elastic Infrastructure

Build and manage an infrastructure that allows developers to deploy and manage microservices at scale using containerization via Docker. Manage distributed systems like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and provide ways for proactive monitoring and alerting for all systems.

Available and Fault-Tolerant Systems

Provide strong uptime guarantees for systems through the judicious use of resource provisioning across multiple regions, while keeping a tab on the infrastructure costs. For example, we use EC2’s spot instances liberally to reduce costs, while at the same time ensuring that our systems are resilient to spot price fluctuations.

Continuous Delivery

Enabling developers to push code to production continuously with zero friction. Championing the automation of builds, tests and code deploys to various environments.

Machine Learning Platform

Enabling the data science team to push their models to production seamlessly from their experimental beds.

“Making the infrastructure self-serving for all developers while they scale like crazy is what helps me sleep well at the end of each day.”

Ashwanth Kumar, Principal Software Engineer

Preferred Skill Set and Expertise

  • Programming experience in Python/Ruby/Shell and a willingness to work in other programming environments.
  • Experience working with cloud providers such as AWS, Rackspace and Co-located data centers
  • Agile Release management tools such as Go, Fabric, Cobbler, PXE.
  • Experience with deployment patterns related to Github, JVM, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop.
  • Proficiency using Chef as an automation tool and good understanding of the testing process and the mechanisms to automate and vet deployments.
  • Experience with high-availability technologies like NLB, CDN and caching layers (ETAGS, varnish, memcached, code caching).


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