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Industry: Research and Analytics

Better Insights, Smarter Decisions

Market Research Company


Industry leading market research firm seeking to scale the identification and classification of electronic receipts to quickly derive sentiment and purchase intent from hundreds of thousands of receipts.


Indix prediction services to automate product categorization and brand extraction using the limited information available on receipts.


Company was able to dramatically reduce time to market and increase the scope and scale of insights for consumer purchase intent. Automated product categorization and brand extraction for 100% of receipts.   

Automate broader and deeper insights

Identify products with limited information using prediction services or lookup products using UPC, MPN, SKU or title.

Make and automate pricing decisions based on matching products across multiple stores.

Identify top performing product categories, gaps in assortment versus competition, sellers who violate minimum advertised price and more using information available for over two billion product offers.

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