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Industry: Marketplaces

Improve Discoverability and Conversion


Industrial Products Marketplace


Global industrial supply products marketplace seeking to improve search and purchase experience using richer product content and normalized catalog across rapidly growing supplier base.


Indix prediction services and metadata to automate standardization of supplier catalogs to a single taxonomy and schema and generate standardized attributes for product listings.


Improved sales and customer satisfaction as buyers search for and discover similar product options across multiple suppliers and use standardized attributes to filter results.

Top 10 Consumer Marketplace


Top consumer products marketplace had accumulated a lot of bad marketplace content – sellers often submitted products with incomplete or inaccurate details, making it difficult for shoppers to find and buy the products.  


A variety of methods to find matching products using the limited product information available from the marketplace. Prediction service to extract standardized attributes from product titles or from matched products. NLG to auto-generate original descriptions, at scale and in the retailer’s brand voice.


Delivered products description with standardized attributes. By improving their product pages this retailer was able to improve product discoverability and improved conversion. Automating content creation saved time at a fraction of the cost of manual efforts.

Improve SEO and shopper conversion

Clean and verify product records using Indix’s prediction services.  

Improve product discovery by adding facetable attributes, standardized to a single schema, and automatically generated product descriptions.

Standardize multiple supplier feeds to Indix’s or Google’s taxonomy and schema.

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