Automate Catalog Workflows and SKU Onboarding | Indix

Industry: eTailers

Automate & Scale Catalog Workflows

Multi-Category Online Retailer


Etailer seeking to reduce reliance on slow, error-prone and expensive manual operations for new SKU onboarding, correction of inaccurate catalog data, and collecting and analyzing competitive pricing information.


Indix prediction services and metadata to automate categorization and attribute extraction from vendor input data for faster item setup. Product content and NLG to auto-generate original descriptions. Freshness APIs for daily price updates.


Processed 75,000 input records for category validation within one hour and confirmed 60% of source categorizations as being accurate in a fully automated manner. Programmatically extracted 52,000 attribute key and values from 15,000 input titles with greater than  >90% precision. Achieved 65% average match rate between client catalog and key competitors with over 83% freshness on pricing information.  

Improve SEO and shopper conversion

Speed up SKU onboarding using prediction services to categorize and extract standardized attributes.

Clean and verify existing content using prediction services and world’s largest product database content.

Enrich product pages by adding standardized attributes and NLG descriptions.

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