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Industry: Asset Managers

Enhance Trading Models & Market Prediction

Asset Managers


A top 5 global hedge-fund seeking multi-year historical product pricing and availability information with normalized categories and brands to back-test and implement quantitative trading models .


Historical pricing content spanning hundreds of online retailers and thousands of brands with over 120 billion price observations over 4 years. Web data extraction service for pricing and availability on an ongoing basis.


Indix data helped the customer to validate quantitative trading models that used product prices as a component and build trading algorithms that incorporate current and ongoing prices.

Generate Alpha

Validate and train trading models using history of prices, availability, ratings and more.

Use browser-based interface to create data pipelines, for custom data requirements, that run according to the frequency, output format and output location of your choice.

Predict market shifts using Indix’s product information platform, to extract a continuous stream of product data from specific online sources.


Validate, Train & Predict


Access to quality product information is critical to delivering a great commerce experience. That’s why we offer the Indix Product Platform which allows you:

  • Validate & Train trading models using price history
  • Create custom data pipelines
  • Predict market shifts

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