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Thank you for your interest in a walkthrough of the Indix Product API, where our 1 billion+ product offers are available. We’ll introduce you to the API below and help you get started so you can see whether or not Indix has the product data for which you’re looking.

Flexible Product API

The Indix Product API provides RESTful, programmatic access to offers and catalog information, and easily integrates with ecommerce platforms, business systems, and product information management systems. Your calls to the Indix Product API return product metadata in JSON format from 25 different endpoints.


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RESTful Endpoints

Product Summary

Returns aggregate product summary information, including price range, store count, brand information, and category information.

Product Offers

Returns a complete set of products and offers information from a single store or across a set of stores.

Product Catalog

Returns a complete set of catalog information, either as a single aggregated result per product (based on weighted criteria) or broken out by each store that carries that product or products.


Combines the Offers and Catalog data across all stores that sell each product.


Provides fresh price and availability information on request.

Get Started for Free

The best way to understand the power of the Indix Product API is to dive right in. Our Kickstart program allows you to get FREE, limited access to the powerful Indix Product API – no credit card needed. Your Kickstart Plan includes:

  • Full access to the Indix Product Platform at a rate of 60 call/minute
  • 5,000 credits a month
  • Email support
  • Access to the Product Summary, Product Offers, Product Catalog, and Universal Endpoints (above)

If you need bulk calls, the Freshness Endpoint, Advanced Search Endpoint, Product Feeds, or additional site or geo requests, then you’ll have to upgrade to one of our other plan tiers.

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9 Ways to Use the Indix API

The following “how to” articles show you just a few of the ways people use the Indix API. While these are some of the most popular use cases, almost all of our customers use the API differently to meet their business goals. Don’t feel boxed in by these examples.


Onsite Search by ProductHelp customers discover products on your site


Add Search Suggestion BoxBuild Amazon-like onsite search suggestions


Get Store Search ResultsFilter product search results by a specific store

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Search Products by UPCFind a product based off of its UPC


Search Products by SKU or MPNFind a product by its SKU or MPN


Search Products by URLFind a product based off a URL


Add Comparison Shopping FeaturesCompare a product offer between certain stores


Browse Products by Brand, Category, StoreDiscover by browsing by brand, category, store


Access Product Details & InformationDive into an individual product’s details like type, material, etc.