Data Monster Hackathon by Indix


A data hackathon by Indix

A data hackathon by Indix

At Indix, we are taking the hackathon to a whole new level! We are sponsoring a two day hackathon for developers to create awesome apps by harnessing intelligence from mountains of big data sets.

29 – 30 March, 2014 Indix HQ, Chennai.

Introducing the “Data Monster”

Don’t be deceived by its looks, for it makes a living by eating data. It’s commonly seen lurking in the backend systems of the Internet. People have tried to tame it all along, but very few have succeeded. We are one of those victorious warriors. We fought valiantly for a year, and now we proudly ride on its back. We challenge you to do the same. Can you be a Warrior? Some of these monsters are scary; some are cute. They come in all different forms and sizes. You can pick and fight your own battle. You can use any tool that you are good with, swords or scala. At the end of the two day long battle, a Trophy will be awarded to the champion of each warrior class. And of course, there’ll be surprises.

Indix Hackathon Blue Monster

Warrior Classes


There are three classes of warriors to choose from:

  • Scouts, who go into the wild and fetch hairy scary monsters (crawling/scraping)
  • Scholars, who learn and understand the animal (structuring/analysing)
  • Craftsmen, who beautify the monster and make it do tricks (visualization)

You can choose to be one or a combination of these and we’ll support you through your journey. We’ve caged a tremendously huge monster (broadest and deepest product database) in our office. We’ll let it out on the event day, and you can start playing with it – our Indix API. We’ll also provide FTP locations for some open data set chunks, like Government of India open data, open data sets from Dmoz and data sets from infochimps. But you are always free to tackle the monster that piques your interest. Hack in the language of your choice, make friends, and have fun! This is our way of saying thank you and supporting the community.

Register for the Battle

We’re sorry, the registrations for this event are closed. But hey, don’t you worry warrior. We’ll keep you updated on our upcoming events. Please fill in the form below and we’ll make sure to invite you next time.

Important Battle Info

  • The event will start at 11am sharp on March 29th. So plan your travel accordingly.
  • You are welcome to arrive early if you wish, but you can start developing the idea only after the event has officially begun.
  • You need to bring your laptop for the hackathon (duh!).
  • We’ll take care of the rest – food, space, drinks, internet, music, pizzas, cheering.
  • It’s recommended that you install all dependancies/IDE/libraries beforehand.
  • You should not try to tame an outlawed monster that is “illegal” and get yourself into trouble.
  • Tweet with hashtag #DataMonster or @_DataMonster.
  • If you have any specific query, ping us at


Indix HQ,
C2, 8th Floor,
IIT Madras Research Park,

Kanagam Road, Taramani,
Chennai – 600113

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