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Advanced Search Endpoint

Get Advanced Search and Matching

The Advanced Search Endpoint (ASE) is one of the most powerful capabilities of the Indix Product API. It takes in incomplete product information, runs it through the Indix data algorithms, and produces a set of matched products that will be more accurate than simple search results.

To use ASE, developers post a file with all the information they have about their products—up to 10,000—to the endpoint. The algorithms process the information and up to 20 results per product can then be downloaded with information as to whether the result is due to search or matching and the corresponding confidence score for the match.

Our customers primarily use ASE to match broken data that they might get from various sources, like feeds from brands or vendors. By using probable weighted matches, they can be much more efficient in selecting the correct products than they were with search results and manual curation.

Parameter Tables for ASE

ASE returns results in universal format, which combines offers and catalog data for each product. Input is the same as for the Offers and Catalog endpoints, and all of the filters below are available to use.

Offers Table

Offers Endpoint Table

Catalog Table

Catalog Endpoint Table