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Indix Product API

The Indix Product API provides RESTful, programmatic access to offers and catalog information, and easily integrates with ecommerce platforms, business systems, and product information management systems. Your calls to the Indix Product API return product metadata in JSON format from 25 different endpoints.

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RESTful Endpoints

Product Summary

Returns aggregate product summary information, including price range, store count, brand information, and category information.

Product Offers

Returns a complete set of products and offers information from a single store or across a set of stores.

Product Catalog

Returns a complete set of catalog information, either as a single aggregated result per product (based on weighted criteria) or broken out by each store that carries that product or products.


Combines the Offers and Catalog data across all stores that sell each product.

Advanced Search Endpoint (ASE)

Takes in incomplete product information, runs it through the Indix data algorithms, and produces a set of matched products that will be more accurate than simple search results.


Provides fresh price and availability information on request.

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