Standardized product attributes complete your product records, resulting in better discoverability and increased conversions.

Indix has over 69 Million product records with standardized attributes. Could they help your customers find and buy products more easily?


Indix Standardized Attributes

If you have incomplete product attribute data or you struggle to make sense of the conflicting types of data you get from your brands, Indix Standardized Attributes can help. We pass the attributes of each product through our algorithms to normalize and standardize the data to return attributes you and your customers can trust.

Standardized Attributes give search engines the keywords they need to surface your pages as results and customers enough information to make sense of and buy your products.


Standardized Product Record

Each product category has a different, custom standardized attribute schema. We have over 69 million products with all of their category’s required attributes standardized. There are 20 million products in our Cloud Catalog with more than 10 attributes standardized, including Brand, Category, UPC, MPN, and SKU/ASIN. Some categories have very few attributes, while others have hundreds. For example:

Why You Need Standardized Attributes

Enhancing your product catalog with standardized attributes can result in: 

  • Better off-site product discoverability
  • Robust site search – including filtering
  • Complete product page data
  • Increased conversion rates
  • The ability to build product comparison tools