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At Indix, we collect product information from the web and partners. Using sophisticated data science and machine learning, we clean and structure product information so businesses and developers can make better, faster decisions, drive innovation, and create new models of commerce.


The Indix Product Information Marketplace gives you access to the world’s largest collection of structured product information.

Access dynamic product offers data such as price, promotion, availability, and sellers as well as cleansed and normalized catalog data including product identifiers, attributes, categories, and more.

Our data is updated daily, and as of March 1, 2016 we have more than 35 billion product offers from 50,000+ brands and 1,000+ international sites (currently English language only). Product information is further categorized and structured by store and seller level detail to distinguish sub-domain sites, marketplaces, and sellers within marketplaces.

Product Categories

Using machine learning and product data science, Indix cleans and structures product information.  Each product is assigned to a category. Indix has 23 top level categories and 6,000+ sub-categories under those. Whether you need your data categorized, or want to do analytics within or across categories, Indix Data-as-a-Service helps you improve your results faster.

Here are the number of products (in millions) in the top 15 categories as of March 1, 2016.

icon-small-babyproductsBaby: 9 MM

icon-small-clothingClothing: 37 MM

icon-small-computerComputer & Accessories: 16 MM

icon-small-electronicsElectronics: 19 MM

icon-small-furnitureFurniture: 6 MM

icon-small-healthcareHealth & Personal Care: 20 MM

icon-small-kitchenHome & Kitchen: 42 MM

icon-small-scienceIndustrial & Scientific: 10 MM

icon-small-jewelryJewelry: 36 MM

icon-small-officeproductsOffice Products: 19 MM

icon-small-lawngardenPatio, Lawn & Garden: 8 MM

icon-small-shoesShoes: 13 MM

icon-small-sportsSports & Outdoor: 15 MM

icon-small-toolsTools & Home Improv.: 30 MM

icon-small-toysgamesToys & Games: 16 MM

Product Record Detail

While every product is different, the Indix Product Information Marketplace gathers and structures a wide breadth of product information that is available for each product tracked. Here is an example of the product detail available from the Indix DaaS platform.

Product Record Detail

Explore Our Data

Use the Indix Data Explorer to see a small sample of what we have in the Indix Product API. Choose one of the top 10 product searches or search by UPC to see the range of offers.

Data Explorer

Dive into Data-as-a-Service

If you’re looking for specific product information or have a business problem where you need to find or match products using limited details, we can help. An Indix product specialist will be happy to give you a demo and show you:

  • The depth of product information in the Indix marketplace
  • How applications can quickly connect to the Indix Product API 
  • How to make smart pricing and assortment decisions using Indix data 

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