How Businesses Use Indix | Case Studies & Use Cases


We made our data and the access to it incredibly flexible so that customers could do whatever they wanted with it, but we haven’t always expected their creativity. See how they’ve grown their businesses with Indix.

SnipSnap Doubles Repeat Usage

snipsnap-tombLearn about the power of comprehensive product information in consumers’ hands by seeing how SnipSnap doubled repeat usage through a brilliant DaaS-powered price matching feature.

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Revolabs Reinvents Audio Go-to-Market

revolabs-tombWhen Revolabs needed to compete in the noisy space of audio solutions and address a new audience, they turned to Indix for help implementing a Buy Now button.

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ICE Sees Strong Growth

Since launching their new platform with the Comparative Pricing Tool powered by Indix, International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. have seen sales grow over 75% year-over-year. In addition, they have seen customer service calls dealing with price matches and adjustments significantly diminish.

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Top Retailer Improves Shopping Plugin

top-retail-tombA Top 50 retailer had a great idea, and they needed a hand to make it happen. One of their primary value propositions is offering lower prices than their competitors.  After piloting an internally built solution, this retailer turned to Indix and tripled the match rate and traffic from its new browser plugin.

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Be a Commerce Innovator

If the problems in the case studies sound familiar, we can help you tackle your product information business problems. An Indix product specialist will be happy to give you a demo and show you:

  • The depth of product information in the Indix Product Platform
  • How applications can quickly power search with the Indix Product API
  • How Indix Product Feeds can deliver large amounts of rich product information
  • Ways to increase conversion rates, reduce inefficiencies, & get better business insights
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Maximize Discovery in the Age of Amazon

In the age of Amazon, discoverability is more important than ever. With Indix’s data asset of 1.2 billion products provides valuable information that could help retailers and brands have visibility into the top reviewed products on Amazon. Download the full report to discover:

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