Indix Capabilities - Product Data Search | Prediction | Analytics




Product Category Normalization:

Automatically normalize products to a single taxonomy consistently to allow users to better filter and discover products on your site.

Content Enrichment:

Improve product discovery both on your site and for SEO by enriching your product detail pages and enable extended search filtering capabilities via standardized product attributes.

Use sentiment signals such as product review and rating statistics to optimize product ranking and relevance.

Product Graph:

Minimize “no results returned” or irrelevant results scenarios for searches on your site by better understanding user query category intent.

Improve product recommendations and suggestions by understanding relationships between brands, categories, and products.


Normalized brand dictionary of over 70k brands with synonyms, parent/child brand relationships, and related manufacturers.

List the top attributes for any product type by leveraging the Indix attribute schema that shows the most popular attribute keys by product type.


Feed Normalization:

Give us your retail/supplier feeds and we will automate the process of structuring and normalizing your feeds into a single schema, saving your team valuable time when onboarding new products.

Attribute Extraction:

Use our AI to extract and surface key facetable attributes from product titles or spec text.

Product Clustering:

Cluster disparate product records across multiple input sources along with various dimensions.  Match identical products or generally similar products based on attributes.


Offers Data:

Access product offers data such as price, availability, sales rank, and average rating.   Filter outputs by brand, category, and store for competitive pricing analysis.

Search & ID:

Use product identifiers like UPC, MPN, SKU and more to lookup detailed product information on specific products or groups of products.

Price History:

Obtain a products price history across a specific set of stores.