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Webinar | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Structuring Product Information

In our previous webinars, we’ve discussed how the “Internet Is a Dirty Place” and how tough it can be to “Ingest and Structure Product Data from the Web.” Our expert product team has written two series of follow-up blog posts to those webinars. (Here are the links to the Dirty Data series and the posts on finding attributes, and data quality)

If you’re intrigued by the subject matter (because we sure are), you’ll want to check out our webinar on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Structuring Product Information.

During this webinar, Anirudh Venkatraman from the Indix product team will walk you through:

  • The top challenges we have found in normalizing product data, specifically in classification and matching.
  • A deep dive on how we use AI and ML to address these problem spaces:
    – Classification
    – Brand text
    – Attribute extraction and standardization
    – Matching products

View the webinar here.

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