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Using the Indix API to Enrich and Classify Products

Do you have incomplete product data? Are you looking to enhance the product content on your retail site or commerce enabled mobile application to drive greater discovery and conversion? Now more than ever before, the importance of rich, structured product content can be the difference between winning and losing a customer.

It’s no longer enough to sell cool merchandise – your success as a retailer or brand depends on your ability to efficiently and accurately surface those products to customers searching the web, your website, or mobile application. 61% of global internet users research products online and 44% of all shoppers start with a product search. In order for your products to show up ahead of your competition, having accurate and deep product content structured in a well-defined taxonomy is imperative.

Customers expect to find the product they are looking for on page ONE of search engine results and furthermore, they are demanding the ability to curate product results on your site or application using searchable facets. This requires that you have the attributes and descriptors that define your products and a structured taxonomy to organize and expose them. Of the 44% of online shoppers who start with a product search, only 3% venture past the second page of Google search results making it imperative to optimize your product-related content.

At Indix, we recognize the challenge and have the perfect solution for you in the form of our Product APIs. Our self-defined taxonomy, comprised of 23 top level categories and over 8000 leaf nodes (constantly growing), is the perfect classification engine for your business.

Here is an example of our rich taxonomy:


Assigning our taxonomy to your messy data or integrating your existing hierarchy to ours are two easy ways of cleaning up large data sets quickly and efficiently.

Enriching product metadata can also be a daunting task. Maybe you have a set of disparate product content — missing code-based identifiers (e.g., UPCs, MPNs, ASINs), incomplete titles, poor attribution – and you need a fast and easy solution to enrich those products at scale. Our Catalog API will return the aggregated content for a product across all matched instances. This can include core information such as title, brand, UPC/MPN, or more detailed key:value pair descriptors (e.g., color:blue, size:large) that differentiate that product at a variant level. We are even smart enough to realize that the same product can in fact have different UPCs or MPNs, so let us do the hard work of aggregating and exposing that information back to you under one canonical Indix MPID (Master Product ID).


Because of the comprehensiveness of our data, you will have the confidence that the master product in our catalog is the best version of that product in the marketplace. By ingesting and exposing our key:value pair identifiers, you are sure to improve discovery and conversion on your site or app.


What are you waiting for? Harness the power of Product Intelligence and stay ahead of the game.

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