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Todd Brown, the Brand Pricing Analyst: first great data, then the great outdoors

Brand Pricing Analyst using Indix

Todd Brown, Brand Pricing Analyst

Indix looks to our customers to find out what they want and need in product and pricing intelligence. How can we make their jobs easier? What matters most to a product manager, or price analyst, or brand specialist? As we explored these questions, we went straight to the source and spoke with people working with products, brands and prices to find out their pain points.

From these conversations we’ve created personas to help illustrate our discoveries. This persona, one of a brand price analyst named Todd Brown, highlights exactly what we heard from these masters of the spreadsheet, these miners of tactical information: efficiency, accuracy and actionable metrics are the most important in the long list of necessities.

I work for an outdoor gear company. My specific product line is our very popular brand of water bottles. I’m running stats on water bottles all day. That is, I’m doing this “all day” unless I can get my job done quickly and efficiently: then I’m free to enjoy the outdoors the way our customers do.

I started my career as a business analyst reporting on market intelligence as it relates to pricing per channel; basically I put my finance degree to good use and my personal life and passions out to pasture. I kept at it because analyzing big data is what I’m good at. My job included gathering and analyzing huge amounts of external and internal data on products, prices and promotions. I wanted more free time but getting raw data integrated into in-house analysis processes ate up my days.

My current boss, the pricing strategist for Hydration, understands that I want a life outside of data sets; as long as product and price intelligence reports I’m providing are accurate and reliable, then I’m free to take a Friday afternoon off and enjoy life away from a computer. Every day I’m tracking authorized sellers, monitoring adherence to our Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) and unearthing unauthorized sellers. As the brand creates new lines and limited edition bottles, I’m tasked with tracking sales by channel and finding areas of opportunity for increasing sales of new product lines.

As the brand price analyst, if my data is good then I’m great. I need reliable data, and the quicker the better. I know exactly how to analyze the market and if my data comes to me in real time, I’m not glued to the computer or slaving over spreadsheets in order to increase margins and implement strategies to drive sales across different channels.

My company encourages me to work hard and efficiently; good product and channel intelligence means more time for me to roam and enjoy the great outdoors. I’m finding insights to help technical product managers ensure that the brand, pricing and assortment strategies are aligned. Doing this efficiently – automating the process, or having my software highlight areas of opportunity, will make my job that much easier and that much more successful.

Using Indix, Todd can easily obtain real-time insights on products, channels, and prices. He can also easily identify unauthorized sellers and monitor MAP violations using custom reports.

Brand Pricing Analyst using Indix

Todd using Indix to understand product related information for a stainless steel water bottle across various stores.

Todd is a fictional character, but his job is not. Brand pricing analysts and product managers in all fields face similar issues when tackling data in order to make better decisions. We have taken their pain points and requirements into account while building Indix, our product intelligence platform for brands and retailers.

If you’re a brand pricing analyst and have any feedback or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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