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The Key to Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be a bit tricky. When I was at HubSpot, I would tell our B2B customers that the keys to good conversion were to make the page navigation free, have a nice picture, and keep everything else simple and short. (I used “Remember that landing pages basically have to be a naked, sexy KISS.” No customer ever forgot that, but I’m not sure the Indix blog editor is going to let me keep that here…)-> [Ed. note: I let it go because it’s funny.]

As I learned by working at Amazon, however, ecommerce CRO can be an even trickier beast. You can’t make the page naked, since product pages must have navigation and other means of discovery. You want a sexy picture (well, not THAT definition of sexy), but you want more than one for many products, like multiple angles of clothing or tables of contents for books. You’re also limited with simple and short, since product details can be extensive, and your customers probably want to comparison shop.

Rather than the somewhat risqué mnemonic above, ecommerce CRO plays by a more complex set of rules. If you’ve already done proper SEO (as we discussed here and here) and you’ve built a great onsite search experience (as we discussed in this one), you need to:

  • Provide good pictures of the product at appropriate angles and magnifications.
  • Include details to help customers get the information they need to make purchasing decisions.
  • Write a unique product description to give customers the “feel” of the product.
  • Call out sales and discounts prominently.
  • Make it easy to buy the product with prominent buttons and clear instructions.

Building on the SEO evaluation we did earlier, I graded ModCloth on their Take Mentor Stage Sheath Dress product page (the same one we evaluated for SEO, although they started a promotion in between our screenshots for posts):

(click to enlarge image)

ModCloth gets a solid B+ for this page. They do a great job with the sale verbiage, the pictures, and the description, but they get some serious points deducted for the strange buying experience. If they made it easier to figure out how to get the buy button to light up or they made the entire purchasing section more prominent, they’d move to the head of the class!

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization can seem to be a special snowflake for anyone coming from the B2B world. However, if you can make it easy for customers to understand your product and purchase easily, you’ll improve your bottom line.

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