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The Internet Is Dirtier than I Thought

On July 21st, our product team presented a webinar on “The Internet Is a Dirty Place: Improving Commerce Through Better Product Data.” Even though I ran the webinar and helped with the content, the extent of the dirty data that the team presented staggered me a bit. I went from sometimes wondering why in the world it takes more than a millisecond to get a piece of data real-time to wondering how in the world we ever find that data to begin with. So if you’re also wondering what makes it challenging to aggregate the world’s product information, read on.

While I know that everyone got something different from the webinar, here are a few things that knocked my socks off:

  • Price isn’t as easy to find on a web page as you think. Sure, our eyes find it immediately, but companies don’t always tag price, and computers don’t “see” things the same way people do.
  • Identical products can look completely different on different websites (the example we used threw me off for about five minutes while we were prepping until I found the one tiny identical number). Check it out!
  • The Indix “washing machine” has four main pieces that address scale, quality, performance, and data egress.

But that’s just what I got from the webinar. Our team also discussed how we address the main product information and dirty data challenges for retailers, brands, commerce tech companies, and analysts. What treasure might you find in the same content? Watch the recording and find out.

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Webinar - The Internet Is a Dirty Place

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