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Robots Should Write Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of any ecommerce operation. A great product description has real value in educating shoppers and increasing sales. Research is a key component of the digital shopper’s journey and product descriptions play a critical persuasive role in the process.

Product descriptions can cost anywhere from tens of cents to several dollars, and I presume you get what you pay for. A lot depends on the quality of the writer, how good they’re at ecommerce SEO and how they charge. Based on this and this, writers can charge by the hour (can be as much as $70) or by the word (between 2 and 5 cents). So the cost can add up for a site that has hundreds of thousands of products.

And since product descriptions are copyrighted, they need to be written again for every site that needs one for the same product. Increasingly, brands and manufacturers write the descriptions once and share it with multiple merchants. But with hundreds of millions of products on the market at any time, you can imagine the time and cost of writing these descriptions.

Can a robot do it? And do it well? Robots have been writing news and sports stories for a while now, to good effect. These stories are in the sweet spot of what bots can do – factual, data-based stories. Product descriptions are similar and given the right data ingredients, bots can write effective product descriptions.

Eventually, robots will be able to write subjective product descriptions. On a lighter note, people are working on robot art critics, that might be eventually be employed to write products descriptions.

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