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Real-Time Product Information Just Got Real!

We live in a time and age where everything is possible. Five years ago, the idea of an app that recognizes a product by its shape and then finds it for you online would have seemed like science fiction. But with Amazon’s Flow, it’s become a reality. Same goes for the fashion app ASAP54 that helps you locate and buy fashion items that you have seen but don’t know where to buy. All you need to do is upload a picture and the app finds similar items from its database. Such apps are what we call “product-aware”, connecting people with the right product, at the right time, at the right place, and through the right channel.

Amazon’s app will only let you buy those items online that are sold in Amazon’s marketplaces. They are good at imposing a structure on anyone that wants to sell through them. Sellers are required to provide a UPC code (acquire one if they don’t have it already) and only then can they create a listing. Amazon then provides them with an ASIN that is used across Amazon and their subsidiaries. This kind of structured product data combined with the subscriber data that Amazon already has about their customers allows them to match users with relevant product offers.

But not everyone has the foresight or clout of this kind. What is the result of that? Product information exists in innumerable siloes all over the Internet. Nobody has access to a complete and comprehensive picture. Imagine how much more relevant, personalized and customized product offers could get if all the world’s product-related information was aggregated in one place, and it was in real-time. Every app would become product-aware and would be able to provide much deeper and layered information for the consumer, by providing competitive pricing, assortment, and availability from all over the web.

In this age of data-driven marketing, businesses are already realizing the importance of having accurate and robust systems in place that will allow them to draw relevant insights. The amount of data available about consumers due to crowd-sourced and user-generated content places more pressure on marketers to harness and optimize social analytics for their purpose. We are entering an era of pervasive commerce, where every mention that your brand gets on social media networks can be reworked into a personalized and relevant product offer.

Brands and retailers need to connect us with products just the way Facebook connects us with people and Google Maps connects us with places. At Indix, we are building the world’s broadest and deepest product database. We apply over 10,000 attributes to each product and structure, organize, and analyze the data. Our secret sauce is what we call “product data science”. It’s what we use to collect, normalize and visualize the information that we have for over 200 million products. Not only this, we also provide APIs so that developers can easily access our data to build product-aware apps and websites.


 Our mission is to collect, organize, and analyze the world’s product information, so that everyone can act on it. The operative word here being “everyone”. We provide information about your and your competitor’s product assortment, catalog, categories, channels, competition, prices, promotions, news, social feeds and more in real-time. We are here for the long haul. Join us on this exciting journey.

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