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Powering the Buy Button

I consider myself professionally lucky – I’m sure you are wondering why? The answer is simple –

1) I get to work at a cutting edge technology startup…
2)… in one of the fastest moving and most pervasively impactful verticals – COMMERCE…
3) …focused on defining how we will buy and sell products over the next decade and beyond. How could that not be fun?

Over the last 20 years, buying behavior has seen a dramatic shift because of the Internet. According to Mary Meeker’s (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) influential annual assessment of the internet economy, in 1995, there were approximately 35 million internet users (less than 1% population penetration). Fast forward to 2015, and we now have 2.8 billion (39% population penetration). An even more startling stat is the 5.2 billion mobile phone users in 2015 compared to 80 million in 1995 – that’s 73% of the population versus 1%.

When you shift your focus to how this growth has impacted commerce, it becomes clear that the key stats to follow are no longer around user growth (which has stagnated over the last couple of years), but rather how people are choosing to spend their time on the Internet. How are people choosing to buy and sell products online?

shutterstock_279562925In 2016, ecommerce sales in the US will reach nearly 400 billion and over 26% of that will be done on a mobile device. That said, 90% of commerce is still offline, which presents an enormous opportunity for anyone who surfaces product content on their site or mobile application. According to Meeker, the next major trend in online commerce is the pervasive exposure of the Buy button. Customers want to purchase products from wherever they spend the majority of their time online. This explains why Twitter, Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest, to name a few, have all announced plans to incorporate Buy buttons to their platforms within the last year. Everyone wants a piece of the enormous ecommerce pie, and giving your user base the opportunity to buy through PLAs (Product Listing Ads), videos, tweets, or pins is the first step to success. As a commerce enabler, retailer, brand, or developer, you can’t afford to miss an opportunity to sell once a customer is on your site.

By integrating with the Indix Product APIs, powering your Buy button couldn’t be any easier. With over 800 million products in our catalog and 35 billion offers, Indix has the breadth and depth of data that can enable you to surface a Buy button across almost any category. The Offers API accepts a variety of inputs including a plain text query, Indix Master Product ID, UPC, MPN, SKU, product URL, brand, or store, and returns a comprehensive set of accurate matched offers. The Offers API allows you to take advantage of our best-in-class data ingestion, classification, and matching algorithms to fully understand a product’s footprint in the ecommerce landscape.

Keeping customers on your site longer, and allowing them to click and purchase the products they want, with the confidence that the data driving the purchase is comprehensive and accurate, has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Get access to our APIs and stay ahead of your competition by powering your Buy button with Indix!

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