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On-Demand Product API

The Indix APIs, now in version 2, are being used by enterprise businesses like Microsoft and MSC Industrial Supply as well as newer commerce businesses like Optoro and Trōv. These customers tell us that it’s the quality, breadth and depth of the product information, easily accessible through a RESTful API, that makes Indix the clear choice.

With a daily price refresh that is larger than the total catalog size of other providers with an API, and access to over 800+ million products, 35+ billion offerings, and 675,000+ sellers, the Indix APIs cover a wide range of use cases.

But, even with a sizable daily refresh, some of our customers need a higher cadence of price and availability information for key products – particularly during high volatility periods of the year. That’s why we launched the Indix On-Demand API nearly a year ago.

Using On-Demand is straightforward

Submit a product URL or a list of several thousand to our On-Demand endpoint and allow us to run a real time crawl to obtain the latest price and availability information for that set. Give us 10 minutes to fetch the real time info for 1,000 products and an hour if you’re tracking ten times that amount.

Here is the output that you will obtain from our On-Demand endpoint:


On-Demand is a hit with customers. They love the ability to tap into Indix and track key items during the holiday season, get pricing for highly competitive brands or product segments, and prepare for and maintain competitiveness during a flash sale, etc.

Many of our improvements, such as On-Demand API, over the past year have been based directly on customer feedback. We’re proud that our roadmap reads like a combination of a customer request list and a vision for a new and different Product Intelligence future.

Perhaps the Indix APIs and On-Demand is what your business needs. The use cases are endless. And don’t worry… with Indix, you’ll never be slowed down due to lack of scale.

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