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Michelle, the Brand Product Manager: making the right call


At Indix, we have been meeting with brand managers, pricing analysts and retail merchandisers (broadly referred to as product managers) to create a better and more effective platform for them. Today, we are introducing Michelle, a 28 year old fictional brand product manager. Michelle works for a company that makes and sells cellphone accessories through its online store and other channels. Michelle is a composite of a number of interviewees who told us about some surprisingly similar pain points.

Michelle works fast when a new phone arrives on the market. She has to provide a range of items for her customers to choose from that align with her company’s existing products and marketing strategy. And she has to make sure that the products they’re manufacturing now are the best and most competitive products brought to market. Following this, she also decides when to EOL products.

As the brand product manager of a company selling cellphone accessories, Michelle works with OEMs to develop the new products and update existing merchandise like cases, covers, sleeves and stands for phones. It is her job to understand the key value drivers of her company’s products across all customer segments. By translating the consumer and market insights into innovation, she creates better products with features that her customers want.

In order to innovate new items, she has to use a keen eye when reviewing past product performance, discovering the most popular product attributes, understanding category trends and finding the best channels that can keep up with the changes that she is highlighting in real time – not to mention, ensuring the final product meets target price requirements.

Success for Michelle is the timely release of a product line, and managing the lifecycle of the product. Her pain points begin with the disparate tools she uses for everything from product briefs, specifications and requirements to customer and sales team feedback, to product performance analysis. Each set of data comes from different sources and she’s left spending more time consolidating this information than developing her next line of cell phone accessories.

Often times, Michelle isn’t able to cultivate new ideas because the insights she gains come too slow, or she has to spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down the most useful data before she can make headway on a project or product.

Michelle needs a better way but doesn’t have the time to learn complex tools or processes. She needs consolidation but has no easy fix for gathering and analyzing her multitude of data sets. She needs help understanding trends and products that are working the best for her right now, but doesn’t have the answer.

It is these pain points and requirements that we have taken into account while building Indix, our product intelligence platform for brands and retailers.

Using Indix, Michelle can now easily obtain real-time insights on products, categories, prices, promotions, availability, channels and competition relevant for her business.

Indix, product intelligence platform

Michelle is using Indix to obtain real-time insights on products, categories, prices, promotions, availability, channels and competition.

Michelle is a fictional character, but her job is not. Brand product managers in all fields face similar issues when tackling data in order to create better products.

If you’re a brand product manager and have any feedback or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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