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Look! Is That a Product Catalog in the Sky?

Everyone remembers what it’s like to have an encyclopedia as a child. Several heavy books that could tell you everything about everything. Nowadays, all that information is just a click away (Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Brittanica). When all the information is online, we trust certain sources to be comprehensive and complete. What can we say about the information that we get about the products we buy on a daily basis? Do we have any assurance that there’s an unbiased authority collecting and structuring all the product information in the world to benefit consumers?

There is now! At Indix, we are building the world’s broadest and deepest product catalog. And it is not sitting in some unwieldy piece of hardware that will take businesses weeks to install. But rather, it is sitting pretty on a fluffy cloud that anyone can access at the click of a button.

CloudCatalogThe challenge with product information right now is that it exists in several silos all over the Internet. So nobody has access to a complete and comprehensive view of all the product information out there. Just like an encyclopedia gives us a well-rounded view of any topic, if businesses have well-rounded information about all the products in the world, they could serve consumers better with more competitive pricing, promotions, and generating targeted and personalized product offerings.

We are here to solve this problem. Our bots crawl the Internet for all product-related information that is in the public domain. Then we index, normalize and organize all the data so that it can be easily consumed by anybody. We provide offers data on dynamic elements such as price, promotions, stores, availability, and inventory. We also tag every product in our catalog with tens of thousands of attributes, and provide insights on the product’s life cycle, competition, and much more. And all this is provided with the convenience and ease of a cloud-based system.

Currently we have millions of products, tens of thousands of brands, and over a thousand stores and leaf node categories in our database. And these numbers are only growing by the minute as we are constantly crawling the web and updating our catalog in real-time.

A cloud-based catalog providing real-time information about all the products in the world is not just a dream anymore. Moreover, all our data is exposed through a beautiful, visual-based product intelligence app and an API with several endpoints through which to serve users.

It is the age of exceeding consumer expectations. Commerce is changing. And we are enabling this change so that all brands and retailers can become technology companies delivering the right product information to the right customer at the right place, every time.

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