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Get Ready for Google PLA GTIN Requirements

If you use Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs), you’ve probably been notified that their requirements for using Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) in your PLAs have changed. As of May 16 2016, Google will start disapproving new, brand-name items that lack GTINs. In order to have Google serve your product ads, you’ll need to include GTINs for ads that display in certain countries starting as soon as possible. 

First, let’s look at how GS1 defines GTIN:

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) (ˈglō-bəl ˈtrād ˈī-ˌtem ˈnəm-bər) n.  The GS1 identification key used to identify trade items. The key comprises a GS1 Company Prefix, an item reference and check digit. (Here’s the GS1 Executive Summary of what a GTIN is if you need more info.)

Second, whether including GTINs is mandatory depends on the country you’re targeting with your PLA:

GTIN Country Requirements

Now you know what GTINs are and you can figure out whether you’ll need to include them starting by May 16th. But where do you find them? We’ve created this handy flow chart that will help you figure out what you’ll need to handle this new PLA requirement.

Read more here about what kinds of products might not need GTINs.

If you’ve discovered that you’ll need a ton of GTINs you don’t already have, you still don’t need to panic. We have more than 30 million unique UPCs, and would be happy to give you a hand in figuring out how to match up your products. Together, we can figure out how to reduce your number of disapproved ads and increase your revenue from PLAs.

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