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The Future is Product-Aware

Before Yelp and Foursquare, did you think that you would be able to make a quick and informed choice about what restaurant to go eat at as you are walking down the street? With Google Maps always just a click or tap away, is it even possible to get lost in a new neighborhood anymore? Not long ago, these ideas seemed like science fiction. But today, we live in a world where technology enables all things magical.

The Internet has these layers that have formed over the years, if you will. Facebook is the people layer, Google Maps is the location layer. As we enter the age of pervasive commerce, products will now be added to the type of information that we take for granted in the daily flow of our lives. Just as apps and services are “location-aware” and “people-aware” right now, they are also becoming “product-aware”.


What does “product-awareness” mean to the layman? Say you really like a skirt that your friend is wearing. What if you could wave your smartphone or wearable device at it and immediately find it in your size online or at a store nearby. Combined with the amount of shopping history data that the brand has for you, the product would be offered to you in your preferred colors, along with suggestions for accessories and related products. Wouldn’t that be nice? This kind of a personalized shopping experience isn’t that far-fetched at this point.

Here’s another product-aware scenario. Say you are reading your favorite skiing blog. Based on the topics discussed in the blog, what if you are presented with product offers that are tailored to your particular interests and preferences, with promotions generated exclusively for you. This means that commerce is going to be more efficient and streamlined by introducing super relevant and hyper-personalized product offers for consumers.

So, what can make this product-aware world possible? Just as Google decided to tag every single place in the world, we need to tag every single product in the world with lots and lots of attributes, so the information is covered in breadth and depth. We need standardized and normalized product information that is consistent and accurate to be used all over the internet.

At Indix, we are building the world’s broadest and deepest product database to enable product-awareness. We are very excited about this journey that we’ve embarked upon. Join us on this fun ride! What would be your favorite “product-aware” scenario?

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