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The Power of Product Information: I

When you are in the business of anything to do with products, what’s your basic requirement? Product information. Whether you want to power search on your website, write descriptions, or enable faceted navigation, you need a robust product catalog with a rich and deep level of data. It’s the holy grail of commerce.

At Indix, we are building the world’s broadest and deepest product database – an infinite product catalog sitting pretty on a fluffy cloud. We are creating a comprehensive, aggregated, and unbiased view of product information for any commerce enabler to access. Let’s looks at one of the scenarios a catalog like this would enable. Consider for instance, writing product descriptions. Seldom do manufacturers send descriptions through their product catalogs. Also, product descriptions are copyrighted materials. They cannot be copied over from other websites. So every retailer, drop shipper with an ecommerce front, or commerce enabler has to craft these on their own.

So what do you need to write product descriptions easily? Data! As much as you can possibly get. This ranges from offers data like price to more importantly catalog data like brand, features, attributes, facets, specifications, etc. I was playing around in our API and found all this data for a 10 inch Calphalon skillet.


Title: Calphalon AcCuCore 10\” Skillet with Lid

Brand: Calphalon

Category Path: Home & Kitchen > Cookware > Skillets

Oven Safe: Yes

Enameled: No

Country of Manufacture: China

Base Material: Aluminum

Product Type: Frying pan/Skillet

Material: Stainless steel

Construction: 5-Ply

Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Electric; Halogen; Glass

Shape: Round

Non-Stick Surface: No

Microwave Safe: No

Induction Safe: Yes

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Lids Included: Yes, Lid with Handle

Color: Stainless steel

Eco-Friendly: No

Multi-Ply: Yes

Dimensions: 3.85″ H x 10.42″ W x 18.04″ D

Diameter: 10″

Weight: 3 lbs

Now, this is gold for a product copywriter. Instead of scouring the Web for product details, she can just get this data and focus on being creative and writing a unique description for the product. This information helps classify products, craft descriptions and present them faster on the web. In future posts, we will uncover more scenarios that are powered by product information.

In the end, here’s a little nostalgic memory Seinfeld fans will enjoy. Remember when Elaine worked for the J.Peterman catalog? Essentially, her job was that of a product copywriter. Wouldn’t her life have been easier with more comprehensive product information?

This post is a part of our Product Bite series.

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