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The Halloween Costume Gender Scare

At the beginning of October, we published a blog post about the “Fright of the Career Costume”. Following up on a viral post from a concerned parent on the Party City Facebook page, I dug into the Indix Product API to realize that there are in fact a lot more career-themed costumes for boys than there are for girls. Sigh.

As the creepy holiday drew near, we played with the data set again in an attempt to uncover more angles to the story. In collaboration with some data viz-ards at Tableau, we created a couple of visualizations.

Are you still looking for a last minute costume? You can use the viz below to find what you’re looking for based on your budget. Try it out!

Going back to the topic of gender, check out this word cloud that shows the stark differences in the titles of male versus female costumes; “muscle”, “man”, “ninja”, “wars” for the male gender as opposed to “princess”, “Cinderella”, “pink”, “witch” for the female gender!

As I said in the previous post, there’s a reason I don’t dress up on Halloween!

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