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Shoes, Gender, & Color

This is the seventh and final post in our series on Shoes and Gender.

As we saw in our previous posts, both girls and women have a larger assortment than boys and men when it comes to shoes. But what colors do they have to choose from? Are they stuck with ghastly pink, as it can sometimes seem?

We pulled the colors for the shoes from the Indix Cloud Catalog, and we discovered that it’s largely a black and white world for adults, as you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Color Word Cloud for Women’s (left) and Men’s (right) Shoes

Figure 2: Color Percentages for Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Figure 2 shows that the top five colors are black, white, brown, grey, and blue. Not exactly exciting, but undoubtedly utilitarian. Looking at colors that skew heavily towards one gender or the other is a bit more interesting. We found the colors with the biggest relative difference between their populations in women’s and men’s shoes:

Top Colors Skewed Towards Women:

  1. Pink
  2. Taupe
  3. Beige
  4. Purple
  5. Gold

Top Colors Skewed Towards Men:

  1. Orange
  2. Brown
  3. Charcoal
  4. Yellow

After seeing the color and gender skews, we considered which skewed colors mapped to which shoe categories, since non-neutral colors might only be present in athletic shoes and sneakers.

Table 1: Women’s Shoe Colors and Sub-Categories

Table 2: Men’s Shoe Colors and Sub-Categories

Table 1 and Table 2 show the skewed colors broken down by sub-category. Unsurprisingly, we primarily find the “brightest” skewed colors—pink, purple, orange, and yellow—in the Athletic shoes sub-category. For men, orange, charcoal, and yellow can also be found in the Fashion Sneakers category (which explains a lot about our CEO’s funky shoes (I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A PICTURE OF SANJAY’S SHOES HERE). Otherwise, we find the skewed colors in Boots, Sandals, and (for women) Pumps.

Children’s shoes are a bit more colorful, as we see in the word clouds in Figure 3. While black and white remain dominant, we see glimmers of pink, blue, silver, and red.

Figure 3: Color Word Cloud for Girls’ (left) and Boys’ (right) Shoes

Boys’ and girls’ shoes have similar gender color skews:

Top Colors Skewed Towards Girls:

  1. Fuchsia
  2. Pink
  3. Purple
  4. Silver

Top Colors Skewed Towards Boys:

  1. Wolf
  2. Red
  3. Orange
  4. Grey

Although pink is certainly more prevalent in girls’ shoes as we see in Figure 4, it is still one of the top 15 colors for boys, so we consider it to be part of the union set. It’s also interesting to note that both men and boys have more neutral varieties (wolf, charcoal, brown, and grey)—perhaps girls do have more fun with shoes. Well, with shoe color, anyhow.

Figure 4: Color Percentages for Boys’ and Girls’ Shoes

Once again, we looked at the skewed color sub-categories:

Table 3: Girls’ Shoe Colors and Sub-Categories

Table 4: Boys’ Shoe Colors and Sub-Categories

Table 3 and Table 4 show similar sub-categories for the skewed colors, although the Athletic shoes and Sneakers trends are even stronger in children’s shoes than in adults’. We see the girls’ colors also appear in Boots, Flats, and Sandals, much like the adult shoe colors. Boys’ colors dominate in athletic shoes, with a very small amount also appearing in Boots and Sandals.

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