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Razors and Blades for Shaving: Do Women Pay More?

Did you know that on average, a woman spends $10,000 on shaving-related products in her lifetime? That’s a lot of money to spend on one of the most basic grooming activities ever. 75% of men shave everyday whereas women shave about 12 times a month on average. Does the reduced frequency of shaving account for paying a higher price? The two variables don’t need to be co-related but the speculation is worth a thought.

We tapped into the Indix Product API to find the answers to some of these questions. The sample data set included more than 13,000 products across 25 online stores. We found over 200 brands carrying men’s razors while only 50 that target women. Other than a few design details, there are no significant differences between men’s and women’s razors. We looked at four leading brands: Gillette, Schick, BIC, and Personna.


Razor Types by Product Count


Disposable Razor Mix by Gender

Note on razor types: Razor sets are typically composed of one razor handle and a cartridge with multiple blades. Refills contain multiple blades for use with specific razor handles. Disposable razors can’t be refilled and come as a single blade and razor unit.


Top Four Razor Brands: Count and Percentage by Gender


Razors: Price Per Unit by Brand and Gender

Disposable razors comprise 17% of the women’s product mix as opposed to 8% for men. It’s possible that disposable razors are more popular among women than men. In terms of gender distribution, Gillette and Personna carry many more men’s products than women’s. Perhaps it’s because women shave less frequently than men do, or it could something else. Most brands charge women more on a per unit basis than they do men. Check out Gillette’s disposable razors! We pay almost twice as much as men do. It’s rahter comforting to see that Personna charges men more for the starter kit.

While there are few conclusive answers, this analysis gives a starting point into the many issues related to gendered pricing. For more such insights, check out our shaving category report. Let us know what you think about gendered pricing in the comments below.

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