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Product Bite: Pumpkin, Pumpkin Everywhere!

Tis’ the season for pumpkin. As soon as those first leaves fall off the trees, pumpkin magically makes an appearance in our lives in the form of pumpkin spice latte, popcorn, pretzels, oatmeal, pie, what have you. The pumpkin fever though permeates beyond the food category into many others. I looked into the Indix Product API and across our catalog, there are over 320,000 pumpkin-related products! Wow!

Of these products, 87,468 are in the Home and Kitchen category. This captured my attention because I have to admit, I love getting my Sur La Table catalog this time of the year with the pumpkin-shaped tableware and muffin molds! Almost half of these products (40,398) fall in the Home Décor sub-category. In addition to the larger marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart, pumpkin-related home décor is also found in almost 90 other online stores. I picked two stores to look at: Wayfair and Houzz. Both Wayfair and Houzz have about 300-odd pumpkin-related products, and here’s how the distribution looks across categories.

Home Decor Houzz

Pumpkin Home Décor at Houzz

Home Decor Wayfair

Pumpkin Home Décor Wayfair

Wreaths, rugs, figurines and statues are clearly the flavor of the season. As expected, there aren’t a lot of heavy discounts in those categories, but some really interesting products such as the ones below.

Image Source: Houzz [houzz=]

Image Source: Wayfair

Image Source: Wayfair

Here’s an interesting insight. Wayfair has better prices than the market average on fall-related rugs, ornaments and vases. In the other categories, the pricing is competitive throughout the market.

We’ll track more fall-related products in the weeks to come. Let us know your fall favorites and we’ll track those as well! In the meanwhile, let’s all keep riding the pumpkin carriage! Happy autumn!

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