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Product Bite: The Nike Air Max 2015 is Hot

As summer sets in, I see a lot more people are taking their workout outdoors. Who wants to work out in a gym when it’s so gorgeous outside? Sweaty runners with headphones on, lost in a meditative state are a common sight. What are these people running in, I wonder. I know the Nike Air Max running shoes series has been popular for a long time.

A quick peek on Google Trends reveals the popularity of the term in web searches. This year, the search volume for the “air max 2015” term is up by 750% on Google Shopping  Now, that’s something!

I checked the Indix Product Intelligence app to get more details on the products. Sure enough, there are over 90 Air Max shoes (for men, women, and kids), with variants being sold online across 15 stores.

Screenshot from the Indix Product Intelligence App

Screenshot from the Indix Product Intelligence App

Here’s an interesting insight in terms of assortment. Looking at the list, the Men’s and Women’s running shoe is sold across most number of stores – 7 – with an average price of around $150. Not many products are on sale given that it is a current season item. Now, say I’m a small shoe retailer. If I had such efficient access to market intelligence in real time, and considering that the product is trending, and that top stores including Nordstrom and The Finish Line are carrying it, I must include it in my assortment. I could still carry earlier models but I would be ill-advised to not ride this wave.

The other quick insight I gathered is about the premium of certain colors over others. For instance, not every store carries every color; or, the the men’s bright crimson/summit white shoe is sold for a higher price than the charcoal/orange. And this is just scratching the surface. There’s a lot more to be uncovered here.

So, what are you running in this summer?

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