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Product Bite: Nike Golf Equipment

At the beginning of August this year, Nike announced that it won’t be selling golf equipment anymore. The brands plans to transition out of the golf balls, bags, and clubs business to focus on golf shoes and apparel. Tiger Woods was not the only one left high and dry with this decision (he wasn’t really!). There are a lot of golf enthusiasts in the Indix Seattle office as well who were heartbroken.

Since we have access to the world’s biggest product information database, we decided to explore what was going on in the online market with Nike golf equipment. Within the Indix Product Information Marketplace, there are 934 Nike golf equipment products spanning 1,209 offers (product + store combination) selling across 23 online stores. Over half of these products are clubs, while the rest are golf balls and bags.


On average, out of all the products, 7% were discontinued and 11% were out of stock. The breakdown varies between the three sub-categories, with golf clubs having the highest percentage of discontinued and out of stock products.


The leading stores selling Nike golf clubs are Amazon, the Nike store, and Global Rakuten. Almost half the clubs at the Nike store were discontinued and another 27% were out of stock. So, if you still want to get your hands on some Nike clubs, head to Amazon or Global Rakuten.


We also tracked the average weekly sale price of Nike golf clubs around the time that the announcement was made. As you can see, the month of August saw a sharp decrease of $50 in the average sale price. The weeks following show some pickup but not quite as much.


It’s not too late. If you still want to stock up on Nike golf clubs for posterity, go ahead and do it. You know where the best deals are. Before we sign off, here are some of our office golf enthusiasts.


Peter, Shankar, and John, enjoying a round of golf on a fine Seattle day

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